Raimond Gaita | Integrity 20’16

Reflections on the idea of a common humanity

Integrity 20’16 |
Length 30:50
Filmed 25 Oct 2016
Venue Conservatorium Theatre
Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, South Bank, Brisbane

“Many people appear now to fear that within twenty years or less national and international politics will be dominated by crises that are caused and inflamed by the shameful gap between the rich and the poor nations, aggravated by the effects of climate change.

They fear their children and grandchildren will not be protected as they have been from the terrors suffered by most of the peoples of the earth because of impoverishment, natural disasters and the evils inflicted upon them by other human beings. In such circumstances the ideal and even the very idea of a common humanity is likely to seem to have been a foolish illusion.”

RAIMOND GAITA is an award-winning author and philosopher. He is Professorial Fellow in the Melbourne Law School and The Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne and Professor Emeritus of Moral Philosophy at King’s College London. He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities. The University of Antwerp awarded Gaita the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa “for his exceptional contribution to contemporary moral philosophy and for his singular contribution the role of the intellectual in today’s academic world”
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Raimond Gaita

Award-winning author and philosopher

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