Established in 2014, Griffith University’s Integrity 20 project gathers remarkable people from Australia and around the world to examine and discuss some of our greatest social, moral and political challenges. Programs – which include a 3-day annual public-facing conference in October, and a series of year round events and online activities – reflect issues that dominate media, feature on the world stage and shape our lives. They are issues that are of both local importance and global significance.

Integrity 20 promotes ethics and integrity as central considerations for creating a just, peaceful and prosperous world.

Past and present guests include José Ramos-Horta, Jeffrey Bleich, Geoffrey Robertson AO, Philippe Sands, Gail Kelly, A. C. Grayling CBE, Shami Chakrabarti CBE, Pavan Sukhdev, Kerry O’Brien, Gillian Triggs, Bryan Dawe, Masha Gessen, Anne Summers AO, Peter Greste, John Hewson AM, Leigh Sales, Sarah Chayes, Stan Grant, Hugh Mackay AO, Julian Morrow, Michael Leunig, Andrew Revkin, Bruce Schneier, Robert Fisk, and many more.

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