Veronica Neave


Actor, performer, writer and teacher 

Veronica is a highly respected theatre actor acclaimed nationally and internationally. She has appeared in over fifty stage productions within Australia from Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams to writing and appearing in various shows with Kate Champion’s Force Majeure and has worked in a number of TV series as well. Veronica has featured in a number of films and has just completed filming as the lead in an Australian film – Girl Clock. Known for her versatility in the Arts industry she is a performer, writer, teacher and director.

Veronica grew up in Australia as an army brat, moving every few years to a new post. Veronica attended drama classes from the age of five which she continued until leaving school. It was a natural progression then to study drama at University. Veronica trained for three years at the University of Southern Queensland as an Actor receiving a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Theatre. She has worked professionally as an Actor in film, television and theatre in Australia ever since.

After seven years working as a classical actor she decided to merge her acting with physical acting working with Legs on the Wall and Rock and Roll Circus, travelling the world for several years. Her experiences honed her skills to become more of a specialist performer. Using her training in Yoga, dance and balance acrobatics she became passionate about marrying the techniques of text based theatre and movement. Her wide and varied experience in the arts over the last 21 years has seen her engaged as performer, writer, director, dramaturge and teacher.

Veronica continues to perform in theatre in Australia and abroad. She is the author of Pieces of Me: Genetically flawed – surviving cancer I may never have