Jodie Ginsberg

United Kingdom

Chief executive of Index on Censorship

Jodie Ginsberg is chief executive of global freedom of expression organisation Index on Censorship. Index ( publishes works by censored writers and artists in an award-winning global quarterly magazine and campaigns against censorship worldwide. Founded in 1972 to tell the untold stories of dissidents from behind the Iron Curtain and beyond, Index magazine has published some of the greatest names in literature and campaigners of our age including Vaclav Havel, Nadine Gordimer, Mario Vargas Llosa, Samuel Beckett and Kurt Vonnegut.

Prior to joining Index, Jodie worked for more than a decade as a foreign correspondent and business journalist and was previously UK Bureau Chief for Reuters. She sits on the council of global free expression network IFEX and the board of the Global Network Initiative, and is a regular commentator in international media on freedom of expression issues.

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