Paulo de Souza


Paulo de Souza


Professor Paulo de Souza is a physicist with a PhD in Natural Sciences. He was a collaborating scientist on NASA’s Mars Exploration Rovers Project, contributing to the design, production, deployment, and operation of a sensor used by two rovers on Mars; Spirit and Opportunity.

Paulo’s research interests lie in the area of micro-sensing where he explores the applications of his instruments across different fields of science and in industry, including ICT and space. He has had ongoing engagement with NASA through data analysis using machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, leading to groundbreaking discoveries.

Paulo is currently head of the School of Information and Communication Technology at Griffith University. Before joining Griffith he was science leader of CSIRO’s Data61 team, leading the Global Initiative for Honey Bee Health and the development of ‘backpacks for bees’, high-tech micro sensors that track bee movement.

Paulo was born in Brazil and grew up in the Amazon. He once considered an Olympic career in Judo.

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