Integrity 20’16

What lies beneath?

Integrity 20’16 |
Length 1:15:19
Filmed 26 Oct 2016
Venue Ian Hanger Recital Hall
Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University
South Bank, Brisbane
Exposing corruption, tax evasion, exploitation and ‘modern slavery’

Open markets and globalisation bring many advantages, offering the promise of prosperity to billions. However, there are systemic risks to the free movement of capital that were clearly demonstrated in the Global Financial Crisis.

In April 2016, the biggest whistleblower leak in history – The Panama Papers – exposed the astonishing hidden wealth of a vast array of corporations, criminals and members of national and global elite. This demonstrated that open markets and the free movement of capital can also facilitate corruption, kleptocracy and international tax avoidance – aided by tax haven secrecy and ‘lawfare’ by professional advisors.

Likewise, although some workers in developing countries are lifted out of poverty, slavery has reemerged with the growth of international supply chains – while the 7/11 and other scandals have demonstrated exploitation even in the richest countries.

Our panel of international journalists and experts examine some of the most significant, media-led exposés of our time. They will look at the role of investigative journalism in bringing them to light, discuss the challenges and dangers faced in the course of their work and look to the future of journalism and the media in our increasingly globalised and digitised world.

Rafael Marques de Morais

Aaward-winning journalist and anti-corruption activist in Angola, Read more

Charles Lewis

Bestselling author and international investigative journalist, named “one of the 30 most notable investigative reporters in the U.S. since World War I”, Read More

Sarah Chayes

Senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and award-winning former National Public Radio (NPR) correspondent, Read more

James S Henry

Investigative economist and lawyer, senior advisor, Tax Justice Network, Read more

Luke Stegemann (Chair)

Writer, editor and author of the ‘The Beautiful Obscure’, Read more

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