Integrity 20’16

The many faces of terrorism

Integrity 20’16 |
Length 1:00:50
Filmed 25 Oct 2016
Venue Conservatorium Theatre
Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University
South Bank, Brisbane
Since the bombing of the World Trade Centre and related attacks on September 11 2001 barely a day passes without “terrorism” capturing the headlines. Those of us living in relatively stable societies view terrorism almost exclusively as acts of violence by individuals or non government organisations for religious, political or ideological ends — and with intent to cause disproportionate fear and societal disruption.

But what happens when similar tactics are employed by the State? When is one an act of ‘terror’ and another an act of peacekeeping, war or national defence?

Our panel of experts examine the many faces of global terrorism and the moral issues that surround it. What is terrorism and who are the terrorists? How does history, culture, government and the media influence and shape our understanding of it? And how do we best respond ensuring that the trade-off between counterterrorism and fundamental human rights such as privacy, liberty and security, isn’t too great?

Anna Neistat

Human rights activist, lawyer, senior director of research at Amnesty International, Read more

Charles Lewis

Bestselling author and international investigative journalist, named “one of the 30 most notable investigative reporters in the U.S. since World War I”, Read More

Sarah Chayes

Senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and award-winning former National Public Radio (NPR) correspondent, Read more

Raimond Gaita

Award-winning author and philosopher, Read more

Scott Stephens

Author, philosopher, editor of ABC Religion & Ethics online and Co-Host of ABC’s The Minefield, Read more

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