Integrity 2019

The future of food

Integrity 20’19 |
Length 45:51
Filmed 25 Oct 2019
Venue Conservatorium Theatre
Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University
South Bank, Brisbane

Our current food system is challenged, with billions of people either undernourished or overweight. Alarmingly, only a few corporates control the global food chain. Given their focus on profits and processed food, we ask: are they feeding us or making us sick? At the same time, the ‘slow food’ movement continues to gain momentum as people reconnect with where their food comes from. With the global population predicted to hit 8 billion by 2024, and the acceleration of a range of interconnected issues including climate change, water scarcity, soil depletion and biodiversity loss, it’s time to redesign the future of food.
Patrice Newell

A biodynamic farmer and author of Who’s Minding the Farm?, Read more

Raj Patel

A professor in the Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, Austin., Read more

Madonna King (chair)

An award-winning journalist, author and commentator., Read more

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