John Hewson | Integrity 20’17

The damage to good government from post truth politics

Integrity 20’17¬†|
Length 0:25:37
Filmed 19 Oct 2017
Venue Conservatorium Theatre
Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University
South Bank, Brisbane

JOHN HEWSON is an economic and financial expert with experience in academia, business, government, media and the financial system. His political career included seven years as a ministerial advisor and a further eight years as the Member for Wentworth in the Federal Parliament. He was shadow Finance Minister, Shadow Treasurer and Shadow Minister for Industry and Commerce and Leader of the Liberal Party and the Federal Coalition in Opposition for four years.

Since leaving politics in early 1995, Professor Hewson has run his own investment banking business and is currently a member of the Advisory Council of ABN AMRO. He serves as Chairman, Global Renewables Limited, Strategic Capital Management, Reputation Measurement Rating Committee, Arthritis Research Taskforce and Osteoporosis Australia.

John Hewson AM

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