Integrity 20’18

Inconvenient ideas and how to disagree

Whether we are talking politics or something as benign as which way to hang the toilet roll, we are increasingly intolerant of those views with which we disagree. Our views are laced with moral judgement, our language inflammatory, and our argument delivered with the intent to win rather than understand or find common ground. Alternative, uncomfortable or ‘politically inconvenient’ ideas are silenced and we find refuge in our political, social and cultural bubbles. ‘Feel free to unfriend me if you disagree’.

How do we re-learn how to listen with an open mind and make contributions with respect, logic, and clarity? How do we prioritize and ensure greater commitment to truth and fact over opinion and restore civility to public and political debate?

Tom Switzer

Executive Director of the Centre for Independent Studies, Read more

Julian Baggini

Philosopher and author, Read more

Jodie Ginsberg

CEO of Internews Europe and former Chief Executive of Index on Censorship, Read more

Stan Grant (Chair)

ABC's Global Affairs and Indigenous Affairs Analyst, Read more

Integrity 20’18 |
Length 46:06
Filmed 26 Oct 2018
Venue Conservatorium Theatre
Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University
South Bank, Brisbane

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