Extinguishing extremism with comedy

Integrity 20’16 | Length 0:10:48 Recorded 25 Oct 2016 Venue Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University South Bank, Brisbane
Integrity 20’16 | Length 0:10:37 Filmed 25 Oct 2016 Venue Conservatorium Theatre Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University South Bank, Brisbane
SAKDIYAH MA’RUF Is one of the first Indonesian Muslim female stand-up comics. Passionate advocate for freedom and equality, she juggles life behind the mic as a comedian and interpreter. A passionate advocate for freedom and equality much of Sakdiyah’s comedy challenges Islamic fundamentalism and promotes women’s rights. One of the very few female standup comedians in Indonesia to appear on national TV, she has often been asked to censor her jokes but has refused to be silenced.
Sakdiyah Ma'ruf

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MADONNA KING is one of Australia’s most accomplished journalists, having worked at senior levels at News Limited and the ABC, where she presented the Mornings program in Brisbane for six years. She writes for Fairfax, including a highly successful weekly column, and contributes to its Good Weekend magazine. She has written seven books, all defined by her skilful reporting and her ability to get people to talk in depth. These include the recently-released Being 14, and biographies of Professor Ian Frazer, who was behind the cervical cancer vaccine, and Joe Hockey, now Australia’s Ambassador to Washington.
Madonna King (Host)

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