East West Street 2016 – Philippe Sands in conversation with Madonna King

Integrity 20’16 Program Launch | Length 0:43:59 Filmed 30 Aug 2016 Venue Auditorium 1 State Library of Queensland
Best-selling author and international lawyer Philippe Sands in conversation with award-winning journalist, author and commentator Madonna King. UK-based Sands made his inaugural visit to Brisbane to share his acclaimed new book, East West Street: On the Origins of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity. East West Street is a profoundly important book — part historical detective story, part family history, part legal thriller, Sands guides us between past and present as several interconnected stories unfold in parallel. At its heart is an exploration of the origins of international law and the pursuit of Sands’s own secret family history, beginning and ending with the last day of the Nuremberg Trials.
Philippe Sands is Professor of Law at University College London and a practicing barrister at Matrix Chambers. He frequently appears before international courts, including the International Criminal Court and the World Court in The Hague, and has been involved in many of the most important cases of recent years, including Pinochet, Congo, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Iraq and Guantanamo. His previous books include LAW LESS WORLD (Penguin, 2005, on the illegality of the Iraq war), and TORTURE TEAM (Penguin, 2008, on the embrace of torture by the Bush Administration). He is a frequent contributor to the FINANCIAL TIMES, GUARDIAN, NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS and VANITY FAIR, makes regular appearances on radio and television, and serves on the boards of English PEN and the Hay Festival. He lives in Hampstead, London.
Philippe Sands

International lawyer and award-winning author

MADONNA KING is one of Australia’s most accomplished journalists, having worked at senior levels at News Limited and the ABC, where she presented the Mornings program in Brisbane for six years. She writes for Fairfax, including a highly successful weekly column, and contributes to its Good Weekend magazine. She has written seven books, all defined by her skilful reporting and her ability to get people to talk in depth. These include the recently-released Being 14, and biographies of Professor Ian Frazer, who was behind the cervical cancer vaccine, and Joe Hockey, now Australia’s Ambassador to Washington.
Madonna King

Award-winning journalist, author and commentator

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