Madawi Al-Rasheed | Integrity 20’19

A Saudi lie

Integrity 20’19 |
Length 17:44
Filmed 26 Oct 2019
Venue Conservatorium Theatre
Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University
South Bank, Brisbane

The reputation of Saudi Arabia in the West – never high – sank to a new low after 9/11, its name synonymous with terrorism, radical religious teachings and persistent gender inequality. While the accession of King Salman in 2015 was cautiously welcomed, what really raised hopes was the prominence of his son Mohammed, known as MBS, who was quickly elevated to the highest positions in government – Defence Minister, First Deputy Prime Minister, Crown Prince. Social anthropologist Madawi Al-Rasheed interrogates this new era of the Saudi Kingdom.
Madawi Al-Rasheed

Visiting professor at the Middle East Centre, London School of Economics, Read more

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