Flesh Made New

John Rasko

For decades, we have been told that the era of regenerative medicine is upon us. Stem cells – the ‘master-builders’ of your body – will soon cure just about every ailment under the sun. If not tomorrow, then the next day, or the one after that.

The medical potential of stem cell research has been widely celebrated. Less well-known is its troubled past.

Internationally-acclaimed leader in gene and stem cell therapies, Professor John Rasko AO, takes us on a wild historical tour of stem cell research—from great scientific successes, to set-backs, confusions, delusions and scandals. 

Professor John Rasko AO heads both the Gene and Stem Cell Therapy Program at the Centenary Institute, University of Sydney, and Cell & Molecular Therapies at Royal Prince Alfred hospital in Sydney. He frequently appears on radio and television programs to talk about stem cell research, medical tourism, scientific fraud and related matters. John delivered the 2018 Boyer Lecture series for the ABC. He is co-author, with Carl Power, of the book Flesh Made New: The Unnatural History and Broken Promise of Stem Cells (Feb 2021).

John Rasko AO

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Integrity 20’21
Length 26:42
Filmed 30 Apr 2021
The Edge Auditorium, State Library of Queensland, South Bank, Brisbane

Integrity 20’21 Length 26:42 |Filmed 30 Apr 2021
State Library of Queensland, South Bank, Brisbane

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