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Everybody lies

Everybody lies | What the internet can tell us about who we are

The global rise of populism

Power to the People: The global rise of populism
With Geoffrey Robertson QC, Masha Gessen, Rachel Kleinfeld and Luke Stegemann (Chair)

What Lies Beneath?

Exposing corruption, tax evasion, exploitation and modern slavery
With Sarah Chayes, Charles Lewis, Rafael Marques de Morais, James S Henry and Luke Stegemann (Chair)

Writers Under Arrest

Freedom of speech and state censorship
With Ma Thida, Rafael Marques de Morais, Peter Greste, Sakdiyah Ma’ruf and Madonna King (Host)

Professor Gillian Triggs - Keynote: Towards a World Without Poverty

President, Australian Human Rights Commission

Geoffrey Robertson QC - KEYNOTE: What Global Integrity?

Human rights barrister, academic, author and broadcaster

Peter Greste - Keynote: Journalism in the Age of Terror