Mark Pesce


Futurist, inventor, author, educator and broadcaster

In 1994 Pesce co-invented VRML, a 3D interface to the World Wide Web, with Tony Parisi and Gavin Andresen, chief scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Pesce brings his skills as a futurist to diverse sectors of the economy, including financial institutions ranging from Westpac, World Bank, HSBC and SWIFT, and regularly facilitates and mentors hackathons on topics as diverse as fintech, blockchain, virtual reality, and education.

An internationally sought-after speaker, for seven years Pesce was a panelist and judge on the ABC’s hit series The New Inventors, celebrating Australia’s newest inventions and inventors. Pesce writes fortnightly a column for the internationally respected tech publication The Register, and hosts two podcasts: This Week in Startups Australia – the nation’s #1 tech podcast – explores a rapidly-growing tech sector, while The Next Billion Seconds connects the work of today’s brightest thinkers with the world of tomorrow.

Pesce has written six books, including The Playful World, which used toys such as Furby and LEGO Mindstorms to illuminate the interactive world of the 21st century.

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