Fiona Kerr


Neural and systems complexity specialist

A common thread runs through Dr Fiona Kerr’s areas of research – that of the neurophysiology of interaction and interconnection. How does face-to-face interaction between a nurse and their patient help the patient to heal? How do inspiring leaders foster common goals and a flourishing organisation? How does technological intermediation affect human connection and belonging? How do people cognitively interact with artificial intelligence, and what does this mean for the designers and users of AI systems?

Dr Fiona Kerr researches, speaks and consults on a range of topics including the neuroscience of human-human and human-technology interaction, neurogenesis, and leadership. She spent more than 25 years working in a variety of sectors in Australia and overseas, including power generation, automotive manufacturing, defence, pharmaceuticals, state government, and creative companies including Cirque du Soleil. She then augmented early degrees in Psychology and Anthropology with a PhD that combines cognitive neuroscience and complex systems engineering in order to investigate the patterns she saw in flourishing systems and capable leaders.

Talks, conversations and panels