2015 Speaker Highlight: Andrew MacLeod

Andrew MacLeod is a passionate humanitarian, accomplished author and organisational leader. We are honoured to have him joining us for the Global Integrity Summit, contributing his incredible experience in international human rights, organisational management and...

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2015 Speaker Highlight: Dr Erna Witoelar

"Today’s world has the resources, technology, and knowledge to eradicate poverty with a people-centered and rights-based approach to development, and to integrate principles of sustainable development into national policies and programs." Erna Witoelar is the former...

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2015 Speaker Highlight: Fr Frank Brennan

Kevin Rudd described him as ‘an ethical burr in the nation’s saddle’ while Paul Keating famously labelled him ‘the meddling priest’. We are delighted Fr Frank Brennan to the 2015 Global Integrity Summit. "I believe that a globe of 7.3 billion people with inviolable,...

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