James S Henry

United States


James S Henry

Investigative economist and lawyer, senior advisor, Tax Justice Network; Senior Fellow, Columbia U. Center for Sustainable Investment; Global Justice Fellow, Yale University; Senior advisor, the Kleptocracy Project, The Hudson Institute

James Henry is author of the acclaimed investigative economics book The Blood Bankers, and his articles and citations have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, The Nation, The Conference Board, The Washington Post, Harpers, Fortune, Jornal do Brasil, The Manila Chronicle, La Nacion, and many others.

In the corporate world, James served as Chief Economist, McKinsey & Co.; VP Strategy, IBM/Lotus Development Corporation, Manager, Business Development, the Chairman’s Office, GE (Fairfield), and senior consultant Monitor Group,the international consulting firm. As Managing Director of Sag Harbor Group his clients have included such enterprises as ABB, Allen & Co., AT&T, AT Kearney, Calvert Fund, Ce-mex, ChinaTrust, the Scotland Yard/FBI Task Force on Caribbean Havens, IBM/Lotus, Intel, Interwise, Lucent, Merrill Lynch, South Africa Telkom, Rockefeller Foundation, the Swedish Power Board, TransAlta, UBS Warburg, Volvo, and Monitor Company. James is a member of the New York Bar and senior advisor for the Tax Justice Network.

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