The relationship between human rights and conflict is one of the complex, zeitgeist issues we’ll be bringing to the floor for some of the world’s leading thinkers to explore at this year’s Integrity 20 conference, Age of Insecurities.

Human rights abuses are not only prevalent in conflict zones but global conflict and instability are resulting in record levels of forced displacement.


Anna Neistat - Human Rights Activist

One of this year’s preeminent Integrity 20 speakers is Anna Neistat, human rights activist and lawyer, who will join us to speak about her work exposing abuses in conflict zones and secretive regimes. Dr. Neistat leads Amnesty International’s global research and previously, as associate director for Program at Human Rights Watch, Anna conducted over 60 investigations in conflict areas around the world, including Syria and Afghanistan.


How Human Rights in Real Life are Worse than Game of Thrones

Anna is a sought-after spokesperson and an engaging human rights media commentator. Her piece in Huffington Post Game of Thrones vs. Real Life: 5 Ways Fact Is Worse Than Fiction compares the human horrors of the cult HBO TV series Game of Thrones with their often even more horrific real life human rights’ counterparts. She compares the forced marriages and violence against women depicted in Game of Thrones to contemporary violence against and oppression of women and likens the ubiquitous surveillance by Westeros avian ‘spies’ to the mass ‘real life’ surveillance of online and mobile communications. Read more here

One of Westeros’ many avian spies. 


Anna Neistat on Nauru

Anna recently returned from Nauru where she investigated and reported on human rights issues surrounding Australia’s offshore asylum seeker detention regime.   Read more here

‘It’s better to die from one bullet than being slowly killed every day’

Witness on Nauru interviewed by Anna Niestat

‘Having worked in most of the world’s conflict zones over the last 15 years, I thought I had learned enough about suffering, injustice and despair. But what I saw and heard on Nauru will haunt me forever.’

Anna Neistat



Anna’s work was also documented in the Netflix feature documentary and Sundance Festival favourite, E-Team, which follows the Emergencies Team—or E-Team—the on-site division of Human Rights Watch as they investigate and report on human rights abuses in secretive regimes and extremely volatile conflict zones across the globe.

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