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Banking with integrity

Fees for no service, lying to the regulators, questionable lending practices, “modifying” independent reports, providing misleading financial advice, enabling money laundering, forging signatures, taking bribes …

The revelations from both the Royal Commission into the Banking and Financial Services Industry and the APRA Inquiry into the Commonwealth Bank have been nothing short of staggering. Heads have rolled, reputations have been left in tatters. It will be months, if not years, before the true extent of the fallout is fully understood. How could it have become so bad or has it always been thus?

The results from these inquiries have raised critical questions about the roles of management, boards and governance and the lines of accountability and transparency crucial for such complex organisations.

Beyond rules and regulations, it also highlights the importance of individual and institutional ethics, and organisational culture in promoting as acceptable, or calling out, morally dubious behaviour
and practices.

The litany of institutional wide behaviours and practices raise serious questions about the integrity of Australia’s financial system and the extent to which it legitimately maintains its social license
to operate. 

How do we restore integrity in Australia’s financial services industry? What steps must our banks undertake to recover their public standing and re-earn the trust of their customers? What role can shareholders, customers, and the community play in keeping these institutions accountable?

The experts

Professorial Fellow at Monash University, former chairman of the ACCC and member of the APRA Panel to conduct a Prudential Inquiry into Commonwealth Bank

Walkley Award-winning investigative journalist

Foundation Dean of Law and Director of the Institute of Ethics, Governance and Law

Award-winning author, journalist and commentator


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