Unfortunately Marcus Bleasdale is no longer able to join us for the Global Integrity Summit. 

Bleasdale3“This picture reminds me of the price Congo is paying everyday so we can use our smart phones, cameras, computers and other electronic products. Gold, tin, tungsten and tantalum are used by us everyday and the extraction of these minerals is fuelling the conflict in DRC. Let’s educate ourselves and call for change!”




Bleasdale-Marcus_v2Marcus Bleasdale is a world-leading documentary photographer and human rights activist. Since 2000 he has worked extensively in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo documenting a war funded by the extraction of the minerals used in everyday electronic products.

Over the past fifteen years spent documenting some of the world’s most brutal wars Marcus has focused on campaigning against human rights abuses, working in partnership with Human Rights Watch, Enough Project and National Geographic Magazine.

His powerful work on human rights and conflict has been shown in the US Senate, The US House of Representatives, The United Nations and the Houses of Parliament in the UK. His extensive list of awards includes the 2014 Robert Capa Gold Medal and the Amnesty International award.


Twitter: @MarcusBleasdale
Facebook: facebook.com/marcusbleasdalephotojournalist
Instagram: instagram.com/marcusbleasdale

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