Holly joins us on Day 2 of the Global Integrity Summit to discuss the corporation of the future, looking above the bottom line and considering corporations’ other responsibilities to the societies in which they operate.


Ransom_Holly_v2Holly Ransom has never been ordinary.

Starting with a belief that great leadership and human capacity coupled with big thinking means anything is possible, Holly doesn’t dream or even think small. Nor has she been afraid to tackle the big issues or the reasons why they haven’t been solved yet – in fact ‘why?’ is the question you’ll hear her ask most frequently.

As a challenge strategist with core services of speaking, consulting and coaching, Holly employs an anti-silo mentality and has the ability to imagine a picture of the globe with its problems, hotspots, and troubles and consider how human skill and capital can not just be used to its fullest but how the talent, capacity and capability of people across communities and countries can join to help solve these challenges.

That’s what she does.

Holly has a BA (Economics) and a Law degree and currently runs HRE, a consulting and leadership development company where she is CEO – Chief Enthusiasm Officer.

She recently completed a six month contract to launch Australia’s largest youth oriented non-profit, the Foundation for Young Australians, in Western Australia. Now residing in Melbourne, Holly is a regular op-ed contributor to Australian newspapers and serves as a regular guest on ABC and other AM radio stations.

As a challenge strategist, Holly employs big-picture thinking to take a global perspective to the most crucial challenges facing leadership teams today and to consider how the talent, capacity and capability of people can help solve these challenges.
In the speaking arena, Holly is known for her ability not just to present brilliantly on innovation, leadership development, change management, and on engaging and retaining across the generational spread in the workplace, but also for her encyclopaedic and highly current knowledge of business and management practices, which she is able to convert to digestible and meaningful information for her audiences.

 Twitter: @hollyransom

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