Frank-Brennan-speakerprofileKevin Rudd described him as ‘an ethical burr in the nation’s saddle’ while Paul Keating famously labelled him ‘the meddling priest’. We are delighted Fr Frank Brennan to the 2015 Global Integrity Summit.

“I believe that a globe of 7.3 billion people with inviolable, inherent dignity confronts huge challenges and real evil when almost 60 million people are displaced, when inequality is increasing, and when climate change is accelerating.”

Fr Brennan is a Jesuit priest, professor of law at Australian Catholic University and Adjunct Professor at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, the Australian National University College of Law and the National Centre for Indigenous Studies.

In May 2015 he returned to Australia, having spent a year as the Gasson Professor at the Boston College Law School. His latest books are No Small Change: The Road to Recognition for Indigenous Australia (University of Queensland Press, 2015) and Amplifying That Still, Small Voice (ATF Theology, 2015). His forthcoming books are The Quest for Leadership in Church and State (ATF Theology) and The 2015 Gasson Lectures: Maintaining a Convinced and Pondered Trust (ATF Theology).

An Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for services to Aboriginal Australians, particularly as an advocate in the areas of law, social justice and reconciliation, he was the recipient of the Migration Institute of Australia’s 2013 Distinguished Service to Immigration Award.

When launching Frank’s book Acting on Conscience on the place of religion in Australian politics and law, Kevin Rudd described Frank as ‘an ethical burr in the nation’s saddle’. Earlier during the 1998 Wik debate, Paul Keating labelled him ‘the meddling priest’. The National Trust has classified him as a Living National Treasure. In 2009, he chaired the Australian National Human Rights Consultation Committee.

His research interests include conscience and faith, human rights and the rule of law, and the rights of Indigenous peoples and asylum seekers.


Tuesday 13 October


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Wednesday 14 October


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