MacLeod Andrew 09Andrew MacLeod is a passionate humanitarian, accomplished author and organisational leader. We are honoured to have him joining us for the Global Integrity Summit, contributing his incredible experience in international human rights, organisational management and leadership and corporate social responsibility.

We can all make a difference to the world around us – but to do so we need to stand up, question the status quo and challenge conventional thinking.

With an accomplished career spanning humanitarian, government and business, Andrew has been part of multinational teams in situations of conflict or natural disaster in Rwanda, Pakistan and Bosnia. As a business leader, he has led organisations and their engagements with political and community stakeholders in economies including Australia, Mongolia and Peru. The lessons he derives in leadership, negotiation and humanity give him a unique perspective in finding ways to solve large-scale challenges.

Andrew is currently the Managing Director of Good Super in Australia, a Non-Executive Director for New York based Cornerstone Capital, a Senior Adviser to Homestrings plc in London, Chair of the Advisory Board at Gravitas Capital, a visiting Professor at Kings College London and an Adjunct Senior lecturer at University of Tasmania Law School.
Acting as advisor to Gane Energy Australia and the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board, Andrew also assists numerous charities including The Big Issue (Australia), Swags for the Homeless and the Victorian Youth Mentoring Alliance. He is the recipient of a number of accolades including two Humanitarian Overseas Service Medals for his work in the Balkans and in Rwanda; the Australian Defence Medal for service as an officer in the Australian Infantry; and the Silver Medal for Humanity from the Montenegrin Red Cross.

Andrew received the Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal by Australia for work in the Balkans and was awarded a second time for work in Rwanda. He received the Australian Defence Medal for service as an officer in the Australian Infantry. He was awarded the Silver Medal for Humanity from the Montenegrin Red Cross and was recognised by the Australian Government for his work in East Timor.


Tuesday 13 October

Climate change and climate justice

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Wednesday 14 October

Ethical and sustainable corporations of and for the future

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Twitter: @AndrewMMacleod