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& the Official Launch of the 2016 INTEGRITY 20 PROGRAM

Tuesday 30 August

State Library of Queensland

24-26 October, South Bank Brisbane

Where top minds debate our greatest global challenges
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Schools Registrations Now Open for 2016

Griffith University is excited to again, for the third year, be offering a limited number of sponsored places for students in years 11 and 12 to attend Integrity 20’16, free of charge.

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[on corporate, social responsibility] … My own view is ‘a fish tends to rot from the head’. You need the board, at least, to set the structure. It’s a cultural change you’re trying to bring about.” Dr John Hewson AM

Former leader of the Australian Liberal Party, 2015 Global Integrity Summit - Integrity Roundtable

… But most importantly we’ve discovered that it is the employment, business and corporate world where human rights are, for the most part, being breached and affect the lives of most Australians. Professor Gillian Triggs

President, Australian Human Rights Commission

Thanks so much for the opportunity to attend. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to see such quality speakers and discussions about the really big issues. My mind was buzzing last night! 2015 Audience Member

The day was extraordinarily enlightening and passionate. Every person on stage brought something else to the table- a new point of view, an interesting story, a great passion or a new life experience to share. I would go so far as to say it is the best conference I have attended and one which I absolutely feel we need to see more of… 2015 Audience Member


% of 2015 attendees who would recommend the Integrity Summit to their friends and family

The Griffith Lecture 2014 – What Global Integrity? Geoffrey Robertson

Human rights barrister, academic, author and broadcaster

It’s absolutely critical that ethics can’t be an optional extra. It must be built in to what we do, how we do it and why we do it otherwise it’s merely electronic window dressing. Charles Sampford

Director, The Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law. Co-Convenor, Integrity 20, Griffith University

This is a war over competing world views. It’s a war between western liberal democratic ideas and a particular branch of radical, political Islam. And in that war of ideas the battlefield extends to the place where the ideas themselves are prosecuted.” Peter Greste delivers the Griffith Lecture 2015 Peter Greste